Rockin' you the way we do!

New CD!


This 13 song collection is a wink and a nod to the many musical styles and influences we've had over the years. It's all about respect for the music we love…the music that makes us who we are as we rock you the way we do!

Our new CD "SINGLES CLUB" is available now through CD Baby and at all ive shows.

Rave Reviews for "SINGLES CLUB"!


"Just received the Singles Club CD last week, and I have to tell you it's a fantastic album. There is a variety of styles that you obviously worked hard to perfect... I have decided to keep it in my car so I can listen to it when driving. It is a great driving CD. I just have to use my cruise control to keep from tapping my foot on the accelerator pedal. Keep up the good work. I am anxiously looking forward to the release of your next album."

~ BOB K., Athens, GA

"Sitting here listening to my AWESOME CD. They rock!

~ DEBBI F., San Diego, CA


"Had the pleasure of seeing these guys  a couple years ago... This album of original songs is a blast! A great variety of rock, blues, and love songs, it's got something for everyone. If you

love the Eagles, Warren Zevon, or just blues/rock in general, you'll love these guys!"

~ MIKE T., Denver, CO


"Steve Miller is best known for hits such as "Abracadabra" or "Fly Like An Eagle," but before he lit up every hi-fi in Los Angeles like a two-foot line of coke at a frat party, he had genuine conviction and rubbed elbows with legends. I feel like that's the story here. The over-polished and clean recording showcases road-worn, tangible talent. These guys are real players. Hardened hands and firm chops grace this record.... Predictable though the second track may be, it has an enjoyable lineage in the vein of Canned Heat. And "Bad Wind" is a solid reflection of the charming harmonies you would find on Workingman's Dead. I say get dirty fellas. Get out the crappy old gear, and let it all detune.   Yeah, I like it."

~ BRIAN REILLY, San Diego CityBeat Magazine

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